Due to the release of the updated ATF Form 4473 (5300.9) Revised May 2020 and itís required use by November 1st 2020 by all Federal Firearm Licensees, Lewis Tactical LLC will be releasing an update to the FFL Tools Professional Suite of Applications.

The change in work flow to accommodate, and align with this new form has required a re-write of major portions for all the FFL Tools applications.You must update all applications concurrently to ensure the proper functioning of your software.

This update includes modifications to the database; which is a portion of the FFL Tools Professional application, be it Perpetual or Subscription, and it must be the first application updated. You must then update the Client and Seller applications where applicable to work with the new database structure.

During the update process, all existing 4473 data in your database will be transferred into the new database structure.

The sequence of actions, and updates to your software should be as follows:

       Perform a backup of your FFL Tools Database

       Run the update for the FFL Tools Professional installation on the computer where your database resides

       Run the update on all other FFL Tools Professional installations

       Download and install the latest FFL Tools Client application on your client computers

       Download and install the latest FFL Tools Seller application if applicable on your seller computers


It is highly recommended that you run through the new 4473 process with the software after updating.Performing this test will accomplish two things:

  1. Ensure proper functioning of FFL Tools after the update
  2. Help familiarize yourself with the new ATF mandated workflow of the 4473 process

As always, should you have any difficulties during the update process, please call the FFL Tools Technical Support line, (1-855-788-3737) for assistance.