ATF Form 4473 (5300.9)

The latest release of FFL Tools software supports the new Form 4473 (5300.9) as revised by the ATF October 2016, and required as of January 16th 2017.

Relevant ATF Rulings

FFL Tools is developed to enforce these rulings whenever applicable and possible. There is nothing that can replace a well educated FFL however.

Topaz Digital Signing

In addition to changes made to support the new Form 4473, FFL Tools has also been updated to contain support for Topaz Systems Digital Signature Pads.

As there are many models of the Topaz Digital Signature Pads, FFL Tools has developed it's support for the Backlit LCD 1x5 models of the 460 and 462 family of products. You can read more about those product families here.

Note: Since there are so many Topaz models available, if you already own a Topaz LCD model in a family other than 460 or 462 please contact us on the support line.

Digital Signing Enabled

If you have Topaz Digital Signature Pads connected to your computer, an option will appear within FFL Tools Options to allow you to enable Digital Signing. With Digital Signing enabled, the Form 4473 process remains in electronic format until the point of Disposition.